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Karin Hess co-authored two books published in 2020 and led development of the BEST "Self-Direction" Toolkit


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Featured Assessment Strategies

April 2020 

- Creative Alternatives to Reports & Exams

- Assessment Strategies for Student Self-Monitoring (Chapter 4 excerpt, Deeper Competency-Based Learning)

- Create an Infographic as an alternative to summarizing/using data.  Students can view a How to video.

- Virtual Portfolio Defense Toolkit - posted by Envision Learning Partners

March 2019 (article/webinar) -  Rethinking formative assessment: Use learning progressions to fuel student success

Featured Kid Tools

March 2021 - Hess Cognitive Rigor Task Cards - 6 Ways to Uncover Thinking and Deepen Understanding

December 2020 - Science Investigation Planning Worksheet (with progress-monitoring checkpoints)

April 2020 - The "What I Need to Do" Rubric for Reflection and Goal Setting

When students understand the expectations - or success criteria - for a given performance task, they are better able to self-monitor their own progress. I developed the “What I need to do” rubrics by stripping away all performance levels except PROFICIENT and making them student interactive (Hess, 2018, Module 3). Download a goal-setting example.

April 2019 - Published in ASCD Express: Deepening Student Understanding with Collaborative Discourse 

Featured Instructional Strategies

January 2019 -  Guided Practice: Introducing and Planning to Solve a Mathematics  Performance Task  - Getting started with (DOK 3-4) problem solving; useful when introducing deeper thinking to students or parents.

February 2016 - Teaching and Assessing Understanding of Text Structures  – (Updated for Module 2, A Local Assessment Toolkit to Promote Deeper Learning, 2018 ) Build anchor charts with your students as they use increasingly more complex texts across the school year.

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