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Kid-Friendly Cognitive Rigor Matrix Poster Set

$12.99 for downloadable digital set of 4 posters


In this 4-poster set, learners can edit the Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrix on their own and challenge themselves to "rock the rigor" while educators can customize and print for their classrooms a complete Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrix of their choosing.


For a few more months, you can still order Karin's 2018 flipbook, Rigor by Design, Not Chance

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COMING in 2022 - The Rigor by Design Playbook will replace

Karin's 2018 flipbook, Rigor by Design, Not Chance

The new 20-page booklet is also printed on heavy cardstock for long-lasting use. It still provides an overview of the development of the Hess CRM, all 8 content-specific Hess CRMs, and illustrates how the roles of students and teachers can shift with appropriate questioning and learning activities that move from surface learning to deeper understanding. Also included:

  • 7 Common Misconceptions about Rigor

  • Lesson planning and walk-through tools: Teacher & Student Behaviors

  • Classroom examples of strategic scaffolding strategies for different purposes

  • Performance task design tools

This is a practical resource for coaches and assessment leaders who want handy access to all 8 Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrices and a guide to classroom “look fors” and support strategies at each DOK level.

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A Local Assessment Toolkit to Promote Deeper Learning: Transforming Research Into Practice (2018, Corwin).

  • Available in paperback or as an ebook from Amazon.

  • Designed to support school leaders, PLC work, and book studies in assessment literacy for preK-16 educators.

  • Includes 5 in-depth PD modules with 90+ downloadable tools!

  • Discounts available for bulk orders.

Two of Karin's Popular Workshops are on Video for Self-Paced PD 

(M-1) Thinking Deeply? Or Just Working Harder?

Based on Module 1, A Local Assessment Toolkit

Use this self-facilitated workshop to learn on your own time or to support locally-designed workshops for your staff. The PD package includes Karin’s presentation with 2 hours of workshop video with UT educators, her PowerPoint presentation, and a facilitator guide with handouts, suggested “turn & talk” places with discussion points, and supplemental video links to spark collaborative discussions about rigor and deeper learning.

(M-3) Student Work to D-I-E For!

Based on Module 3, A Local Assessment Toolkit

For many years, Karin has used the acronym D-I-E to make the student work analysis process more meaningful: First Describe what you actually see/hear; next Interpret what the student does/does not understand as revealed in the evidence; and finally, Evaluate next steps based on your intended purpose (e.g., examining task quality, developing/refining the rubric, next steps for instruction, etc.). The PD package includes Karin’s presentation with 2 hours of video with VT educators, her PowerPoint presentation, and a facilitator guide with student work samples for analysis practice.


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Deeper Competency-Based Learning: Making Equitable, Student-Centered, Sustainable Shiftsby Karin Hess, Rose Colby, & Dan Joseph (2020), Corwin.

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