Materials For Workshops & Keynotes

When you attend one of Karin's presentations, you will be given a password to access the workshop materials which are listed below by topic.

TOPIC #1:  Thinking Deeply? Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Rigor & DOK

Download Who’s Working Hardest? Infusing Rigor across Content Areas

TOPIC # 1 is now available as a self-facilitated workshop, with over two hours of video, workshop materials, and facilitator guide. Download order form. Order M-1 Video Workshop.

TOPIC #2: A Deep Dive into ELA Formative & Performance Assessment 

Download DOK and Literacy Assessment & Instruction


TOPIC #3: Building High-Quality Local Assessments & Systems

Download Getting Assessment Right: Keeping the Focus on Learning


TOPIC #4: A Deep Dive into Math-Science Formative & Performance Assessment 

Download Math-Science Assessment Tools

TOPIC #5: Using Learning Progressions to Design Instruction, Assessment, & Meaningful Progress Monitoring

Download An introduction to Learning Progressions

TOPIC #6: Tools & Strategies for Coaching & PLC Teams

TOPIC # 6:  How can Student Work Analysis provide actionable data to educators? This segment of Karin's workshop is now available as a self-facilitated introduction to her student work analysis tools, with two hours of video, student work samples for guided practice, and facilitator guide. Download order form. Order  M-3 Video Workshop.

TOPIC #7: We've Got Competencies. Now What?

Download Tools for Developing Competency-Based Systems


TOPIC #8: Project-Based Learning 101

Download PBL Resources, Videos, & Planning Materials