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Additional CTE Resources

CTE Competencies and Performance Task Development

Tools for Developing Competencies & Performance Scales (Deeper Competency-Based Learning, Hess, Colby & Joseph, 2020)

Guidelines for Task and Rubric Development (A Local Assessment Toolkit to Promote Deeper Learning, Hess, 2018)

CTE Performance Task Examples & Ideas to Spark Your Thinking

Rubric Examples & Ideas for Wording 

KID TOOLS Self-Direction K-12 Rubrics (Jobs for the Future/JFF BEST Toolkit)

KID TOOLS Collaboration K-12 Rubrics (Jobs for the Future/BEST Toolkit)

RI Applied Learning (Critical thinking, Problem solving, Research, Communication, & Reflection) - sample performance indicators

Vermont rubric example - Problem Solving performance indicators


Instructional/Planning Resources (Hess, Rigor by Design, 2022 pub. date)

Lesson & unit Planning with DOK Levels - interactive version with elementary math example

KID TOOL Student Planning Worksheet with DOK Levels - Editable version

Additional CBE Resources

EPIC Framework - research-based progressions for essential skills and dispositions - Self-Direction, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication

Designing for Equity: Leveraging Competency-Based Education to Ensure All Students Succeed [iNACOL & CompetencyWorks]

Quality Principles for Competency-Based Education

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