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Karin's Calendar - Ongoing Projects & Upcoming Events

Now booking October 2024 and into 2025

Contact Dr. Hess for information about workshop presentations, book studies, or virtual webinars.

See Karin's WORKSHOP OVERVIEWS for 2024



  • Available upon request - A self-facilitated book study guide for Rigor by Design, Not Chance. [Click on "contact" in header.]

  • Available September 2024 from Solution Tree - Elevating Competency-Based Learning: Actionable Assessment, Defensible Evidence, Equitable Grading, co-authored by Karin Hess, Brian Stack, and Jon Vander Els

  • Build your PLC team's skills with my new interactive "playbook" from Teachers College Press (coming February 2025) - Applying Depth of Knowledge and Cognitive Rigor: An Educator's Guide to Supporting Deeper Learning

August 2024 - Taking a Much-Needed Break After Finishing my 13th and 14th Books!

September 2024 - HOT off the presses of Solution Tree - Elevating Competency- Based Learning in a PLC at Work

​25 - Holding Date for Webinar for a MN Elementary School


October 2024

November 2024

3 - 5 2024 Aurora institute Symposium in New Orleans

December 2024

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