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5 Metacognitive Tools to Reveal Hidden Learning

(Originally published by MiddleWeb May 15, 2023)

The words metacognition and reflection are often used interchangeably. Although they’re interrelated, they’re not the same.

Metacognition happens “in the moment” during learning; reflection is the act of looking back on past learning, determining the meaning of what was learned; building (or not building) confidence as a learner; and carrying that mindset forward.

Deep learning engages students in metacognition and reflection activities – not as an afterthought, but crucial to students building independence as learners (Hess, 2023).

Metacognitive skills help learners to stay focused and monitor progress during learning.

Peer and self-reflection activities help learners identify their strengths and challenges and also evaluate achievement of personal goals for learning.

How do we assess metacognition?

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