Additional Materials - Local Assessment Systems

The "best of" Teaching Channel Links to video clips with Karin's notes


Facilitator Guide: Thinking Deeply?


Competency-Based Systems: Tools for Developing and Assessing Proficiencies


1 - Designing a Proficiency Statement Template

2 - Analyzing a Proficiency Statement

3 - Developing Performance Scale Template 

4 - Sample K-8 ELA Competencies

5 - Sample K-8 Science Competencies with High School

6 - Sample (NH) K-8 Mathematics Competencies

7 - Sample (NH) High School Mathematics Competencies

VIDEO: NH educators and students talk about moving towards a competency-based system: 

VIDEO: PACE is a “reminder of what really matters” in assessment and learning (13:35 minutes, 2016)


Hess' ELA Learning Progressions Profiles (used to develop NH Model Competencies, Fully Aligned with Common Core)

Gr 9-12 ELA Profile

Gr 7-8 ELA Profile

Gr 5-6 ELA Profile

Gr 3-4 ELA Profile

Gr K-2 ELA profile

Writing Strategies

8 - Grades 3-5 Persuasive Approaches - RWT (Arguments)

9 - Grades 9-12 Analyzing a Speech (Arguments)

10 - Giving feedback

Sample Writing Performance Tasks/Task Shells

11 - Grades K-1 My report about

12 - Grades 1-2 My report about

13 - Grades 1-6 Independent Investigation Method (IIM selected pages)

14 - Grades Prek-K Narrative with scribing

15 - Grades 3-8 Authors Craft Analysis Task Shell - Informational Texts

16 - Grades 4-6 Literary Analysis Task Shells - Character Study


Classroom Discourse

17 - Sample Turn & Talk Frames and Exit Cards

Sample HS Performance Tasks

K-12 Performance Tasks Website:

Karin Hess, Ed.D, is a recognized international leader in developing practical approaches for using cognitive rigor and learning progressions as the foundation for formative, interim, and performance assessments.



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